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Boon has an intense prey drive with tons of energy and enthusiasm to go with it.  Physically, he has good
conformation – very well proportioned and muscular – truly an athletic sporting dog.  He has a wonderful
sleek and shiny solid liver coat (with just a little “pepper” on his chest).

In the field, Boon is a medium to big runner with lots of confidence, speed, and energy and he points with
incredible intensity.  He’s definitely not intimidated by thick grouse coverts and does a great job of seeking
out productive cover in the pheasant fields.  He absolutely loves water and his duck searches are a display of
intense determination and drive.  Boon just never wants to quit hunting – even when you can tell he doesn’t
have anything left in the tank.  He will literally sit down in disappointment when he sees the truck at the end
of a hunt as if to say, “Aw man, I don’t want to stop yet!”

In the house, Boon is a model member of the family.  He is calm, affectionate, and gets along well with other
people and their dogs.  It’s truly a beautiful thing to have my best buddy curled up and snoozing in front of the
fireplace on a cold evening after we’ve hunted hard all day long.

Boon is the first dog I ever trained largely on my own and he’s made it a very challenging but very rewarding
experience.  There are days when we both look like geniuses, but then there are also days when two very
determined partners butt heads and things don’t always go our way.  We’ve grown and learned together, and
with the help of some very good friends, we’ve forged ahead and accomplished things that I never would have
expected the day I reached into the whelping box and picked him out.

He passed his NAVHDA Natural Ability test in August 2004 at the age of nine months and captured a Prize III.  
In August of 2005 he passed his first Utility Test with a Prize I in August 2005 at the age of only 21 months.  
He then passed the Utility Test three more times with Prize I scores as we worked hard to earn his Versatile
Champion title.  After three attempts at the NAVHDA Invitational, he finally earned his VC title in August of
2008.  Boon finished his competitive career with his Master Hunter title in September of 2009.

Now with several hunting seasons to his credit, Boon continues to shine as an effective grouse and woodcock
dog.  The patience he's learned over the last few years has paid off in spades in Wisconsin's grouse coverts.  
He's definitely l
earned how to handle these wily, wild birds.

In total, Boon has met everything I asked for when I first went searching for a true hunting companion and
pet.  He has certainly lived up to his name.  The word “boon” means benefit, advantage, bonus, godsend,
windfall, gain, or blessing.  He’s become a huge part of my life and is truly a special member of the family.

Boon is available at stud for approved hunting dams.
VC Neenah Creek's Autumn Boon MH
Call Name "Boon"
AKC #: SR12870501
NAVHDA #: GS-007053
NAVHDA DNA #: C0432671
Natural Ability Test 98 points Prize III - August 2004
Utility Preparatory Test 153 points Prize III - June 2005
Utility Test 201 points Prize I - May 2007
Invitational Test 196 points Pass - August 2008
Master Hunter - September 2009
Whelped: 11/6/2003
Height: 25"
Weight: 56 pounds
PennHIP:  LH .21 RH .22
Coat: Medium Dense, Medium Harsh
Color: Solid Liver
Bite: Normal
Eyes: CERF Clear
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